Pelipaper Statement Over COVID - 19

Dear Partners;

The World and our Country going through a difficult process due to Covid-19 Pandemic which we will struggle all together. We hope and strongly believe that the world will overcome this pandemic together in short time. In the meantime, we hope and wish all our partners and loved ones are healthy and keep staying safe.

As Pelipaper we would like to inform you that our production is continuing in normal schedule and we are receiving and delivering orders in normal routine. We are supporting all our customers in these extraordinary days with deliveries even with short lead times to maintain their productions continue. In order to maintain continues production we announced new precautions for all our facilities. As you know, the Ministry of Health announced the detection of the virus in Turkey recently. As the Peli Family, our emergency action plan against the epidemic has been put into effect and all measures have been taken gradually due to the recent statements and the health precautions caused by Corona Virus in our country.

The measures applied are as follows.

  • The Covid-19 pandemic in Turkey was announced by the Emergency Committee from Ministry of Health and all necessary information received are shared with the top management and all units.
  • All Production facilities, Offices, Common Areas and Dining Halls have been disinfected by the globally approved company that has the certificate of conformity and this disinfection process will continue to be repeated frequently.
  • Hand Hygiene, Masks and similar disinfection products were provided.
  • Visuals and trainings on Corona virus symptoms are given.
  • Basic hand hygiene trainings and visuals were provided.
  • Visuals were prepared to inform the personnel, and employees were hung in places they can reach.
  • All of our personnel, especially our export department employees, are prohibited from traveling abroad. In the last 14 days from the family members or their surrounding people, employees with a Foreign History were asked to provide information to Human Resources.
  • Necessary measures were taken to ensure that all employees coming from abroad In the last 14 days spend the incubation period at home for 14 days and started working at home.
  • Before the employees are taken to the Production Lines, a health tent is set up in a separate area from the production points, and all of them are measured for fever and in case of doubt, it is planned to be directed to the health institutions and this measure put into practice.
  • All domestic and international meetings throughout the company were postponed until further notice.
  • The staff over 60 years old and who have Chronic Diseases were provided of working from their homes and their infrastructure was prepared and processed.
  • By considering the social distance within the factory cafeteria, the personnel were determined with ground lines in order to keep the distance of 1.5 meters during the meal reception, and 2 staff were seated crosswise at the tables. In addition, all personnel are divided into groups by making adjustments on break times during meal times. In the food menus, it is supported by adding supplements to strengthen the immune system by improving our staff's Vitamin C supplement and Intestinal Flora.
  • These studies we have done are shared with our staff constantly and information updates are conveyed to them, and our requests for information regarding the work they have done in this process are also conveyed to them.